5 - International dimension

International dimension

In addition to citizen involvement, the other aspect that pervaded the programme of Matera 2019 was the international dimension of the planning and design processes and the network of relations, which made it possible to take Matera out into the world and bring the world to Matera. From San Francisco to Tokyo, from Jordan to Bahrein and through a large number of European cities and countries, the interactions that took place throughout 2019 opened new horizons, cross-fertilizing different ways of thinking, and expanding networks.

The artists at Matera 2019

The projects for the European Capital of Culture brought artists and companies from every continent (Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Asia) to Matera and the Basilicata region, with a prevalence of European artists.

International artists at Matera

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The national and international productions of Matera 2019

The bid-book set a challenging goal to guarantee that the cultural programme of Matera 2019 have an international dimension by developing at least 50% of the events as European co-productions. This benchmark was achieved and surpassed in 2019, by seeking and encouraging this dimension in the productions, even those not directly commissioned by the Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019, but by the Project Leaders from the local creative scene or the curators of artistic residencies.

National and international productions

The delegations visiting Matera in 2019

Matera 2019 generated intense curiosity on the part of national and international entities who chose to send their own delegations to explore the work it was doing, to exchange ideas, suggestions, best practices, and to create collaborations on specific projects. The delegations that have visited since Matera launched its bid (the visualisation starts in October 2018, but there were many others in previous years) include past and future European Capitals of Culture, Embassies and Consulates, international cultural institutions, Universities, delegations of artists, networks, Italian and foreign Institutes of Culture, Businesses and business networks, third-sector Organizations, European Institutions, Italian Government representatives, regional and municipal representatives.

On the opposite front, a series of international missions made it possible for Matera European Capital of Culture to present itself directly to the host countries and to lay the groundwork for joint projects.

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Citizen perception

The international scope of the Matera 2019 experience was perceived very clearly by the citizens of Matera interviewed at the end of 2019. This was in fact the most important transformation they recognized in the city compared to the years prior to the candidacy.

Take a moment to think about Matera before the candidacy for European Capital of Culture. Compared to then, it is now more international?

Open data corner

At the centre of this platform, the data, now published in an open format. The Matera 2019 datasets are thus transformed into a digital commons that can inform, inspire and support new information and design practices for the local, national or international communities.

Below, you can download both the raw data related to the theme of this section and the aggregated data used for each of the above visualizations. You can also find more data in the site’s Open Data Center, which contains all the data available in the platform, or in our GitHub repo.

Aggregate data on artists who arrived through the organised projects.
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Aggregate data on incoming and internationally hosted delegations.
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Aggregate data on the perception of Matera citizens on the international scope of Matera 2019.
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Aggregate data on the production of the organized projects.
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