1 - Cultural vibrancy

Matera is on the map

After 2019, Matera and Basilicata have gained international importance. The rural region, little known by most and the oldest inhabited settlement in the world, is today "on the map". It took an immense effort, which ultimately won the initial scepticism and proved that it is possible, now and in the future, to overcome incredibly complex challenges. Being on the global stage represents an opportunity to disseminate the millennia-old culture of the Matera region, integrating its values with those of the rest of the world, without being swept away.

Matera produces culture

Becoming the “European Capital of Culture” has made Matera into a hub where “things happen”. A place in which to experiment, create, and innovate the ways of producing culture. It has brought the Region’s creative scene under the spotlight, showcasing it as an attractive spot for artists and productions from Europe and the World. This has been achieved, first of all, thanks to the two pillar-projects I-DEA and Open Design School.

Matera 2019 hosted international artists and attempted the development of a set of best practices for future European Capitals of Culture and other places of culture production. All the processes activated by the title of “European Capital of Culture” led to the formation of entrepreneurial supply chains of culture and tourism, which blended with European and global ones. This was our 2019: 2447 events, of which 1228 in the official program, spanning across 16 different disciplines.

The challenge of original productions

Original productions have been one of the toughest challenges for Matera 2019. It took courage and strength to manage the complex procedures that ensued: of the 77 productions of 2019, 52 have been written, conceived, coordinated and realized specifically for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019.

Nobody left behind

Matera has been the city of the Open Future and, if the future needs to be open, it needs to be open for all. For this reason, the cultural offer has focused on accessibility in all of its facets: for the participants’ diverse abilities and capabilities, but also for the whole Region, down to its most remote internal areas. A special care has been placed on the inclusion of ethnic minorities, migrants and inhabitants of the city’s outskirts. The goal has been to deliver culture to anyone otherwise at risk of being left out, be it for geographical, social, economic or motivational reasons.

A cultural melting pot

Matera 2019 involved all cultural sectors. Indeed, a good deal of events, projects and productions have seen multiple disciplines joining forces to create a unique experience. Interdisciplinarity has been at the core of the Matera 2019 events, embedded right from the production and co-creation phases.

    Open data corner

    At the centre of this platform, the data, now published in an open format. The Matera 2019 datasets are thus transformed into a digital commons that can inform, inspire and support new information and design practices for the local, national or international communities.

    Below, you can download both the raw data related to the theme of this section and the aggregated data used for each of the above visualizations. You can also find more data in the site’s Open Data Center, which contains all the data available in the platform, or in our GitHub repo.

    Detailed data on every single event in the official and unofficial program of Matera 2019.
    4.03 MB
    Detailed data on the individual locations, in Basilicata, of each event in the official and unofficial program of Matera 2019.
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    Aggregated data for the display on the number of events per discipline. The count also includes the secondary categories associated with each event. It does not contain the cancelled events.
    5.5 kB
    Aggregated data for the visualisation on the time sequence of events in 2019. Contains the events of the official and unofficial program of Matera 2019. Does not contain the cancelled events.
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    Aggregate data for the chart on the places in Basilicata that hosted the events of the official and unofficial program of Matera 2019. Does not contain the cancelled events.
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